Houston gets its Ed together

February 14, 2014 by  

For those residents and visitors in Houston who have an interest in learning and growing professionally, the upcoming Edcamp is sure to check all the boxes.

Edcamp is referred to as an “unconference” because, unlike in a traditional conference, there will be no keynote speakers and the attendees actually plan the events and activities. Edcamp stresses that it focused on learning about learning, with sessions driven by their participants.

Attendees can sign up to speak about any related topic. They can also sign up to listen to the views expressed by participants. Everyone is invited, including teachers, educational leaders, parents, and students.

Topics can range widely, covering everything from engaging parents in the learning process and ESL strategies to innovative leadership and the current classroom curriculum.

Often for occasions like this, a local print company is asked to prepare materials needed for special events similar to this one. Communicating the event in advance is important to attaining attendees. Poster printing handles the communication well, as items can be posted throughout a region in higher traffic spots.

Beginning at 9:00 am, the sessions will take place on April 26 with open discussion and participation. People who will be assisting with the activities of the events should plan to arrive an hour early. A light breakfast will be served between 8:00 am to 9:00 am.

For more information, visit the Edcamp website.