Houston celebrates Mexican independence

August 18, 2017 by  

The city of Houston will be the site of two separate celebrations of Fiestas Patrias next month. It is an annual event that celebrates Mexico’s independence from Spain and also recognizes Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States.

The first event taking place will be the 49th annual Fiestas Patrias parade in Downtown Houston. The parade will feature floats, marching bands, costumes, and lots of Mexican music.

The 11th annual Fiestas Patrias festival is set to take place on the day after the parade, presented by Telemundo Houston TV 47. The celebration will feature traditional Mexican foods, historic costumes, dance, and musical performances. Among those performing at this year’s festival are Mariachi Loco, Clave 45 and Sonora Carnaval.

Both of these events offer a way to recognize the contributions made by Mexican and all Hispanic citizens to the city of Houston. Organizers of each event may invest in banners to highlight specific parts of the celebration, or to hand out on floats.

The Fiestas Patrias parade will take place in Downtown Houston on September 16 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Visit the Facebook event page for the most current information.

The Fiestas Patrias festival will be held at Traders Village on September 17 beginning at 12:00 noon. Admission is free but parking is $4. Call 281-890-5500 to learn more about this.