Evans Blue plays at the House of Blues in Houston

June 25, 2012 by  

For years, the House of Blues has been a upstanding venue for hundreds of artists and performers. With their strong number of facilities to be found all over the nation, one can surely find a fun event to attend just a few miles, or not-so-distant car ride, away from them. One of the many famous bands to play at the House of Blues soon is Evans Blue. As the band has grown since its birth in 2005, so too has it’s fanbase, as it includes people of varying ages from as young as 13 to well into adulthood.

With Evans Blue becoming more and more popular, the band can be found playing at high end venues and stages in several different states as they tour up and down the nation. To help promote the band and its concerts, sponsors are likely to call for printing companies for a variety of services, such as poster printing for band posters that fans can buy at the event. The merchandise does not stop there, though, as band T-shirts, belt buckles, patches, bags, and many other items are always popular buys among fans who will attend the event. Flyer printing will also be essential, as locals in the Houston area can easily be reached via this method.

Evans Blue is scheduled to play in Houston, Texas on August 11 at 7:00 pm at the House of Blues in downtown Houston. Tickets are $15 with additional taxes. More information is due to be released soon and can be found at the House of Blues homepage.