BP MS 150 scheduled in April

December 15, 2012 by  

The BP MS 150 “Stop MS in its tracks” bike race has been scheduled in Houston for April 20-21, 2013. This fundraising event, which is held over two days, is organized by the National MS Society and is the largest in North America. Proceeds benefit the MS Society.

The race consists of a 180 mile ride from Houston to Austin with breakpoints stationed approximately every 8-15 miles along the journey. Beginning Saturday morning, the ride will begin at one of three starting points including Rhodes Stadium in Katy, Tully Stadium in Houston or Waller Stadium in Waller. All roads will lead into Bellville where riders will have a lunch break. The first day’s ride will conclude at Fayette County Fairgrounds in La Grange where the riders will sleep overnight.

Bright and early Sunday morning, the ride will resume with members from the Club 300 leading the group. Two route options are available for the riders to choose for the day’s ride. Riders may take the Bechtel Challenge Route or the Pfizer Lunch Express into Bastrop High School where they will take a lunch break.

Arriving into Austin will be marked by a grand celebration with many festivities planned for the finish line which is located at Bullock Texas State History Museum.

Large events of this type utilize printing companies to produce many materials needed to organize and direct the race. Banner printing is essential as banners are hung strategically along the ride to direct riders in the correct direction. They are printed on heavy vinyl and hung high in the air so as not to be missed.

For more information visit the National MS Society’s website.