Big turnout likely at Houston Metropolitan Art Festival

July 24, 2012 by  

With the growing interest in the arts in Houston, it is no surprise that hundreds of both blossoming and seasoned artists and art enthusiasts are anticipating the November art festival being hosted by the Houston Metropolitan Chamber. For this reason, a number of agents and freelance artists may opt to take advantage of business card printing services, as they might be hoping to put their name out into the world and an event such as this could very well be a sufficient starting point.

Over the course of the year, artists may be readying themselves for the coming festival by printing extra copies of their finished works, planning out and creating new works of art, and making reservations for booths at the Houston Metropolitan Art Festival. Current artists that are already listed to showcase their work are Cammie’s Handmade Soaps, Ana Petrovic, and Von Hurt, but many more are expected to showcase all kinds of different works, including original prints, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Food and fun for the whole family is also available at the art festival, as many different restaurants and catering services will dish out meals for attendees. Meanwhile, crafting projects will be set up for the imaginative guests who would like to get their hands dirty.

The Houston Metropolitan Art Festival is scheduled to take place on November 10 this year. As of yet, an entry fee has not been stated but more is to be released as the opening date comes closer. For more information, please visit the Houston Metropolitan Art Festival home page.