Greenville welcomes Ricky Skaggs

March 27, 2013 by  

There is only just over a month left until the Greenville Municipal Auditorium welcomes famous singer Ricky Skaggs to its stage.

Skaggs has been a recognized and respected singer since the age of 21 as his life took him through various experiences. He is most well-known for his success in the country music genre.

Over 50 years ago, Skaggs played the mandolin for the first time after receiving it from his father at the age of five. His father reported after a couple of weeks that Ricky had mastered basic songs, both by playing and singing them. Even after winning 14 Grammy Awards, he continues to play it today as he entertains audiences throughout the country.

Skaggs continues to tour and the community of Greenville is sure to be looking forward to having him come to town and perform. Opening for Skaggs will be the Quebe Sisters Band, consisting of three sisters playing fiddles and marveling the audiences with their talent. Singing in a vintage style, the sisters have uniqueness about them that charms audiences far and wide.

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Tickets are on sale through the Greenville Municipal Auditorium website in time for the May 2 concert.