Greenville Farmers Market Reopens

May 3, 2012 by  

Last month, the Greenville, Texas Farmers Market reopened for the summer season to a large crowd. This is the second year that the market, which is run by the Friends of the Farmers Market, has opened and it has proven to be a welcome treat. With plenty of local produce and non-food items like soap, lotions, and cookbooks, the market is sure to attract and large and varied crowd.

As a welcoming gesture to potential vendors, the Friends of the Farmers Market organization has reduced the price of participating to $5 per stall. This is a great opportunity for local businesses to sell their goods to the Greenville community. To make a good impression, vendors are encouraged to decorate their booths with printed banners, flyers, and posters. By printing postcards and handouts, Farmers Market vendors can reach a large number of individuals perusing the stalls by hiring ther services of a local print company. Plus, handing out printed materials allows your audience to show their friends and family, which further increases your word-of-mouth reach.

Whether they’re renting a stall or simply decide to take advantage of the foot traffic and hand out printed postcards, business owners and events hosts who wish to reach a large crowd can count on market attendees to fulfill their needs. The Farmers Market is only open on Saturdays, which is ideal for those that work primarily during the week and families with children in school. If this is the audience you wish to reach, taking a trip to the market can be a great way to get customers through your doors.