Ceremony for sacred white bull

February 25, 2012 by  

Less than a year ago, a rare and sacred white buffalo was born. Hunt County officials helped in honoring the birth of Lightning Medicine Cloud and were honored by Arby Little Soldier, a descendant of Sitting Bull in a recent ceremony.

In recognition of the ceremony honoring Lightning Medicine Cloud’s birth, Hunt County officials—Sheriff Randy Meeks, County Judge John Horn and Director of Homeland Security Richard Hill—were honored with gifts. Arby Little Soldier gifted Native American keepsakes to the Hunt County officials.

White buffalo, whether albino or not, are extremely rare. Roughly 1 in 10 million buffalo are born as white. Lightning Medicine Cloud is not an albino. This is due to the fact that his nose is brown and the other features he bears that are not present in albinos. Lightning Medicine Cloud is the first white male buffalo born in 150 years and as such, is extra special. Moreover, it is believed that he is the first to be born to a Native American and a descendant of the great Sitting Bull no less.

Lightning Medicine Cloud was born during a thunderstorm. Lightning Medicine Cloud received his name from the thunderstorm and from another white buffalo that was born in 1933, named Medicine Cloud. Mr. Little Soldier gave a limited edition print of Lightning Medicine Cloud. The limited edition poster printing is to be displayed at the Hunt County Courthouse.

Upon Lightning Medicine Cloud turning two years old, another ceremony will take place with emphasis given to Lightning Medicine Cloud’s special meaning as each white buffalo born bears a particular omen of the times and things to come.