A taste of the Greenville Farmers Market

March 4, 2012 by  

The annual Farmers Market is will kick-off their market as usual this upcoming June until October. As usual, the market will not be open in August due to August’s extreme heat in Greenville, Texas.

At the Farmers Market, visitors are encouraged to try the wide variety of local organic and inorganic fruit and vegetables. There are many other vendors there on site, such as “Just Pie” that makes all of their pies from 90 percent of locally grown foods for their ingredients.

The Farmers Market strives to bring to the public the best-tasting fruit and vegetables. As they say,

“A tomato should taste like a tomato,”

which is actually quite sweet. The Farmers Market is open for many months, right up into the time of harvest and they allow families to come and pick out their Halloween Pumpkins.

In addition to the fresh fruit and vegetables offered at the farmers Market are items, like local honey, sugar cane, eggs and products made from beeswax and goats’ milk soap and other items.

The Farmers Market is popular on Facebook, but also advertises through flyer printing to attract future visitors to come and delight in the wonders that are offered at the Farmers Market. The Farmers Market is located on Market Square, which is East Lee Street in the downtown area of Greenville.

The Farmers Market is a treat for everyone that goes and it’s a wonderful way to support local farmers and vendors ensuring a more positive future for the economy in Greenville.