Ikkicon is on for another year in Austin

June 21, 2012 by  

Since 2007, the anime convention known as Ikkicon has grown in popularity with every passing year. When it first opened, the founders were shocked and astounded to find that the convention had pulled in over 1000 more attendees than they had anticipated. As time went on, Ikkicon moved from one hotel to the next due to its quick growth and popularity.

For this reason, Austin residents, as well as those from nearby areas such as Round Rock and Georgetown, will be able to find Ikkicon being held at the largest hotel in the city, the Hilton, this December. With the rate at which anime, or Japanese animation, is gaining popularity every year, it is no surprise that a convention such as Ikkicon can grow so quickly.

During the course of the convention, many events will take place such as guest panels where attendees can ask voice actors, storyboard writers, and illustrators questions about their work. Also, with just about any anime convention, cosplay, where fans will dress up in the likeness of their favorite characters, will no doubt be a popular form of entertainment for those in attendance. As the time for the opening of the convention moves closer and closer, many sponsors and the founders of the convention will be sure to hire printing companies to aid in advertising the event with their print services.

Ikkicon is scheduled to take place December 28th – 30. The current price for a weekend membership is $30, which is expected to change on July 28. VIP tickets for Silver and Gold membership are also available for an additional fee. More information can be found at the Ikkicon homepage.