Georgetown celebrates Russian heritage

May 31, 2013 by  

The city of Georgetown in Texas has got the weekend underway with a unique festival celebrating Russian heritage.

The annual Georgetown Festival of the Arts focuses on a different culture each year, and this year’s theme is ‘A Russian Troika’.

The festival is named after the traditional Russian troika, a sleigh pulled by three composers. The three horses are symbolic of the music of the composers (Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, and Arensky), whose music will be featured during the festival.

Performers include a number of professionals, the majority of whom are from Texas. Kenneth Sheppard of Southwestern University will act as the premier conductor, having led the Festival Orchestra and Choir in all eight of the prior George Festival of the Arts events. Other prominent performers include pianist Michael Boriskin, who will perform a number of solo works.

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This event promises to be a grand exposition of all the intricacies and wonders of three of the greatest Russian composers, and should make for an exciting weekend for any aficionado of classical music. The festival will got started yesterday, May 30, and will continue through June 2.