Austin’s Anime Overload

April 26, 2012 by  

Over the course of late Spring and early Summer, a variety of printing companies will be busy with preparing for Anime Overload. The large-scale anime convention has steadily grown over the past three years of it’s establishment and the convention owners are anticipating an even heavier attendance base this year. Numerous events will take place including guest panels, premier anime showcases, new manga previews and contests over the weekend of Anime Overload.

Many of Anime Overload’s events are still on the drawing board as more and more ideas come to mind for the owners of the convention. Many events such as the Cosplay Contest, the Game Room for virtual and table-top gaming, and artist and voice-actor panels will be the main attractions for the convention’s attendees.

During the convention, convention attendees will be allowed to sit and chat with their favorite voice-actors and artists during panels in which the premier guest will answer questions and give advice to any aspiring artist or voice-actor. The Game Room will be host to a number of tournaments and casual games for both die-hard gamers and casual players alike. From there, poster printing will likely increase before the convention opens as the Dealer’s Room, the room in which most if not all of the merchandise will be sold, will need to be stocked with paper-posters and wall-scrolls on top of a variety of other items.

Anime Overload will be held at the Holiday Inn Austin Mid Town during July 6th to July 8th. Pre-registration is now open and badges can be bought at the door.