The Cowtown Marathon 2012 results

March 2, 2012 by  

The Cowtown Marathon recently kicked off in Fort Worth. One unlucky marathon runner had the unfortunate news that he actually did not win the race because he did not personally register for the race. The brief winner, Scott Downard, ran for his friend who had signed up for the race, but was unable to compete.

Even though Downard did not officially win, he beat the runner-up by over two hours, which is an incredible feat to say the least. Downard gracefully accepted the news and vowed to be back the following year.

The Cowtown Marathon takes on thousands of runners. This year had 9,000 runners alone. There is no limitation on the amount of runners, but because the race’s path cannot become obstructed due to the amount of runners, strollers and other equipment are not allowed on the path.

The event is open to whoever wishes the participate as the goal of the race is to get all types of people – from all shapes, ages and sizes – up and about to increase physical activity. The Cowtown Marathon supports all who wish to attend and care that everyone finishes the race. There are many training programs around to get fit and finish the race.

The Cowtown Marathon is open to a wide variety of sponsors, all displaying their banner printing advertisements encouraging people to get active and get fit no matter their age, gender or current level of physical activity. All are encouraged to participate in the Cowtown Marathon to up their efforts in health and fitness.

You can show your love and support by donning the several t-shirts and other accessories sold by the Cowtown Marathon to raise awareness and support.