Fort Worth hosts Graffiti Run 2013

January 20, 2013 by  

Color will be everywhere as February begins in Forth Worth, as the annual 5K Graffiti Run comes to town.

The concept of color running has been sweeping the country the past few years in regard to marathons and other foot races. It brings a lot of energy and fun to each event and draws thousands of people.

Participants are advised to arrive at the starting position in all white clothing, including a mandatory white shirt. White shorts are suggested, along with white socks. As a runner passes through certain “Graffiti Zones” a designated team of event managers, volunteers, staff members and others will throw an abundance of colors as the runners pass through the zone point. Green red, orange, pink, and purple are used at each zone so by the time the runner crosses the finish line, he or she is doused in a spray of colors.

The substance used in the colors is non-toxic and will not induce rash or illness. As reported by the event representatives, it is 100% natural and completely safe as it is a corn starch based product.

Decked out in a rainbow of colors, the run participants and spectators will then enjoy a fun day of food, music, and other festivities. Printing companies provide flyer and poster printing for events of this nature for the purpose of advertising and promoting the event in advance to develop interest and increase attendance.

Set for February 2, it will begin at 9:00 am at 301 NE 6th Street. The organizers are actively seeking volunteers, so visit the event website for more details and contact information.