Arts Festival to take place on Main Street

January 3, 2014 by  

The 29th Annual Main Street Arts Festival in Fort Worth will take place in April. It is ranked 3rd in the USA as a top art event. The Downtown Fort Worth Initiatives, Inc. Main St presents the event each year which attracts thousands of people to the four day festival of visual arts.

The cultural event offers art as well as entertainment, with many street performers and live concerts presented throughout the four days. Over 220 artists participate in the show with approximately a dozen emerging artists. Images are projected at the jury using high quality projectors with the exact electronic artist files.

The friendliness along with the popular southern hospitality in the region should be evident throughout the event. The mission is providing a free celebration for the public with high quality art display and participation. Being a juried art fair, the event attracts a wide selection of crafters and artists. The fine work is selected by jurors with credentialed qualifications.

Proceeds fund the downtown development and infrastructure services in Fort Worth. Financial results are also delivered to the artists with over four million dollars in art sold at this event every year. It is estimated over $25 million dollars in revenue impact to the community is derived from the festival annually.

It takes over 900 volunteers to manage the big festival. The Artist Resource Team is a group of dedicated volunteers making sure the artists receive excellent treatment.

Local print companies can prepare promotional items including poster and flyer printing. Posters can be hung throughout the region and flyers can be distributed.

The event takes place April 10-13, 2014; the website has complete information.