American Airlines: Filed for bankruptcy

February 25, 2012 by  

The Fort Worth based company reported that it had lost a total of 11 billion of the company’s losses since 2011.

Several of American Airlines’ workers from the Transport Workers Union in Tulsa, Oklahoma took to the streets in an effort to protest their potential job losses and the job loss of thousands of others.

The protestors sported 500 yard signs inscribed with “” for the purposes of increasing public awareness and support to prevent thousands of American Airlines’ workers from being laid off. Those to be affected are mechanics, pilots, management staff and flight attendants. The poster printing has been successful in bringing about 15 thousand signatures in protest of the layoffs.

American Airlines’ corporate executives may go through with their plan of laying-off 13 thousand of its employees throughout the company. American Airlines’ corporate executives’ plan to reduce the amount of employees in its company is to effectually reorganize the company.

There is speculation that because the people of these high-paying positions will soon be laid-off that it will have a rippling effect throughout the country. Such impact will cause a decline in sales and services in real estate, car dealerships, hospitals and many other places of business where spending will take a hit.

The workers that stand to lose their jobs are unclear. Those employees who have been with the company in excess of 20 years may also face job-loss from the company. The company’s direction at this time is unknown.