Vanity plates snatched up during bidding war

March 31, 2014 by  

Proud Dallas residents who want to get a vanity license plate are in for a disappointment, because the one with DALLAS on it has just been taken.

Recently,, which has licensed with the state of Texas to provide vanity plates to Texas motorists, sold that particular plate at the record breaking price of $7,250. auctions off plates with the names of cities found in states with which it has forged an agreement. In Texas, a Dallas resident took the prize for most willing to trade money for a plate showing their devotion. The second highest price was a bargain by comparison at over $5,000 less. Plates with AUSTIN and HOUSTON were not available at the auction, perhaps because they are already owned.

A plate with AUSTIN1 sold for $1,400, but Houston residents did not have the same option because HOUSTON1 contains too many letters. Although Texans could bid on city names outside the lone star state for their license plates, they weren’t as enthusiastic. Plates themed around Buffalo, Atlanta and Oakland went begging with no bidders. However, some cities, such as Chicago, New York, and St. Louis, were indeed sought after by Texas drivers.

Those unable to get the plates of their choice can show their devotion by contacting their printing company and ordering promotional items to declare their love of Dallas or any other city in their state.