Unpopular toll road plan shot down by Dallas City Council

August 18, 2017 by  

The Dallas City Council, by a wide majority, sided with the people of Dallas and voted down a proposal to make the Trinity River Parkway a toll road.

Out of 15 council members, only Casey Thomas and Rickey Callahan voted for ‘Alternative 3C’ and when the measure was defeated, spectators at the meeting applauded. Councilman Philip Kingston amused the crowd by suggesting the toll road plans belong in a museum “on a display of bad ideas.” Kingston went on to say:

“Today’s a wonderful day and it’s extremely heartening to work with a council like this one that is open to changing its mind and listening to the people. That sounds a lot like democracy to me.”

Following the defeat of Alternative 3C, another matter was brought to the table with little time left for a thorough vetting. The plan to create a Local Government Corporation (LGC) to build and manage the Trinity River Park was approved despite efforts by six members of council to postpone the LGC vote for 30 days to garner public input. Many city councils keep in touch with constituents via newsletter printing.

Amendments to the LGC were requested by Council member Scott Griggs, but councilmembers Jennifer Staubach Gates and Dwaine Caraway voiced exasperation with the discussion and before adjourning, the measure was passed.