U.S. airman reunited in Dallas with rescued puppy

April 17, 2013 by  

Tom Burright and a puppy he rescued in Afghanistan were recently reunited in Dallas, thanks to help from The Puppy Rescue Mission.

The pair had been inseparable during the months spent together at the barracks while stationed in the war-torn country, only separating when Burright had to return home.

The U.S. airman, who is 25 years old, discovered the puppy while out on a mission. The dog was scrounging for food and Burright knew that without his intervention, the puppy would die. Making up his mind, he took the canine back to the barracks, which was home to him and 15 comrades.

According to Burright, the guys at the barracks were all arguing over a name for the pup, until he decided that Lyla was the best name. Even after a really bad day, Lyla would raise everyone’s spirits, racing round and wanting to lick everyone’s faces. In the barracks, Lyla stayed with Tom in his room, eating the same food as him and sleeping on his bed, so a bond was soon forged, until it was time for Burright to return to the U.S. Without $4,000, the dog couldn’t be transported to the country.

Burright made a film of himself with the dog and sent it to The Puppy Rescue Mission. As soon as members of the organization saw the video, they knew they would help. The pair was reunited after one month apart. Thanks to the organization Lyla will live with Tom in the U.S. The organization may utilize the stationery printing services of a local company to obtain the funds they need to keep doing its work.