Texicon 2012 Sets Off in Fort Worth

April 26, 2012 by  

Another year sets off for Texicon and this year is the Year of the Board Game. During the convention this Summer, the event will take a rather subtle but no less substantial change of pace and theme to primarily board games. While board games will be the main foundation for this year’s Texicon, time and events will still be set aside for role playing games and miniatures.

For Texicon this year, the experience is sure to be no less fun as numerous events will take place over the convention’s weekend. Games of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, a variety of different Miniature games, and different board games will likely entice players from all over Texas and different parts of the United States to join in on the fun. Seminars and Tournaments will be the main activities that will help teach and hone a player’s way of thinking for gaming. With a hopeful stream of attendees, the owners of Texicon will likely hire printing companies for flyer printing and poster printing to send the word out and advertise the convention’s main attractions. Catalog printing will also be a strong possibility as a schedule for events should help guests find the events they most want to attend so they may further plan out their stay.

Texicon is scheduled to take place on July 20th to the 22nd at Sundance Square in Downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Single day badges are on sale for $30 and Full Convention passes are on sale for $50.00.