Texas Health Dallas patients enjoy dance therapy

May 17, 2013 by  

Patients at Texas Health Dallas have been taking part in dance therapy to help them recover from Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and other illnesses, and one of the doctors running the program has spoken of its success this month.

Although a patient who suffers with Parkinson’s disease or who has had a stroke may struggle to perform the simplest of tasks, the dance therapy has been positively helping those very patients, according to its instructors and patients.

Dr. Aanchal Taneja of Texas Health Dallas states that the dance therapy helps to improve their motion range and flexibility, which helps them to perform everyday tasks a little easier. The therapy is designed to tackle diseases which affect motion, like Parkinson’s disease.

Although the classes perform in the way expected of a traditional therapy class, some patients believe that it offers much more. For Jim Rosenbloom, the classes don’t feel as though they are work, but instead are fun for the participants. Patients taking part in the classes get to know each other, offering support and camaraderie. Peggy Martin says that she looks forward to going to classes and cannot wait for them to come round. All patients state that the dance therapy has improved flexibility, range of motion, and balance, which are all challenges faced by the patients.

Some patients believe that they have had their medication reduced, all thanks to the dance therapy. The new therapy may well be included in hospital literature to encourage patients to make enquiries. Local brochure printers may be asked to produce amended literature so that patients suffering with Parkinson’s disease or other illness can request more information.