Texas A&M getting back to nature

December 11, 2013 by  

In what has been dubbed a Central Park for Aggies, Texas A&M has planned a 45-acre garden. Once completed, it will be a wonderful place for students and their visitors to enjoy the indigenous flora or relax in the available green space in an area roughly equidistant between Houston and Dallas.

Officially known as The Gardens and Greenway project, the garden has been on the drawing board for two years and was in part designed by Aggie students.

This type of garden is becoming more prevalent among top-tier universities. Texas A&M has lost a lot of its green space due to its expansion over the years, and it was felt this may very well be its last chance to have a significant natural area on campus. It is envisioned to provide a less institutional atmosphere for students while they are on-campus. Work is expected to begin in the spring of 2014

Fundraising is being supervised by the Texas A&M Foundation using a piecemeal approach. Donations are being solicited simultaneously from large corporations and wealthy donors, as well as smaller groups. The time it takes to complete the project, as well as the order in which the various components are finished, will be dependent on the donors.

With the help of a quality printing company, Texas A&M can produce brochures not only describing the various proposed parts of the garden but also offering a preview via an artist’s rendition. In this way, donors can designate their funds to those parts of the project they find particularly appealing.