Security plans underway for Dallas Marathon

November 30, 2013 by  

Officials from the MetroPCS Dallas Marathon are in discussions with executives of some of the largest road races in Texas to create a security plan for the Dallas events on December 8.

The executive director of the Dallas Marathon, Marcus Grunewald, was a spectator at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in October, while the president, Patrick Byerly, attended the ING NYC Marathon in November. Both parties took notice of security protocol during the event, in addition to working with the Dallas Police Department, Park and Recreation Department, Dallas City Hall, DART, and the Office of Special Events.

As the Dallas Marathon is one of the largest running races to take place in the city every year, officials believe that security needs to be improved, even though the existing security measures are already strong. A number of procedures will be implemented during the weekend of the race to ensure the safety of all attendees, which includes the use of clear plastic bags which will be distributed by race officials.

The new, improved security measures may be included in official race documentation so that runners and spectators know what is required of them on the day. The existing stationery may have to be amended to include new protocol, which will probably require printing services from a local print company; possibly one that has knowledge of the local area.
Those who would like to take part in the marathon have until Monday, December 2, to register.