Scarborough Renaissance Festival in full swing

May 21, 2012 by  

For many, a chance to live in the 16th century, even if only for a day, would be an experience to talk about for years. In 1981, two families made this possible in central Texas.

For years, the Scarborough Renaissance Festival has delighted the many attendees that visit it, both as regulars and those who have found themselves marveling at the gates as new attendees. As the festival goes on, an entire host of performers and events are present for the enjoyment of the thousands of guests that attend annually.

From the beginning of the festival in early April of this year, several events have taken place and more are still to come. Every day during the festival, three full-combat jousting matches can be seen by guests taking part in the festival and many events for children are included as well. Petting zoos, face-painting, falconry demonstrations, and much more are available to people of all ages.

During this time, business card printing is a service that is heavily depended on as a variety of sponsors, business owners, and private vendors are likely to be present at the Scarborough Renaissance festival. With the exchange of business cards, many business owners can help expand their company to new horizons as friendly affiliations can be made with another company.

The Scarborough Renaissance Festival is held in Waxahachie, just south of Dallas, and comes to a end next Monday, May 28. Tickets for adults run for $24 for regular admission and $9 for children. Children under the age of four enter for free.