Ringling Brothers charging into Dallas

May 21, 2012 by  

Since 1884, the Ringling Brothers’ traveling circus has brought utter delight to thousands, if not millions of patrons all over the world. Over the course of the circus’ existence, a large variety of shows have come and gone as well as actors, acrobats, and animals.

“Fully Charged” is a new show currently running with the Ringling Brothers’ circus which enables viewers to feel the power behind the enthusiasm that many of the circus actors feel while they perform. The Fully Charged show, or the Red Tour, is featured all around the Southern states and Mexico.

Throughout the year, printing companies are likely to be busy with the Ringling Brothers’ tour coordinators to advertize the show and its key features, such as a variety of animals from tigers to elephants. Other acts include Brian Miser, also known as the Human Fuse, who propels himself through the air from his human crossbow, the Fernandez Brothers, who perform tricks and acts on the Twin Turbines of Steel, and Tabayara, an animal trainer who can seemingly communicate with animals and perform daring stunts with them, along with more engaging in more light-hearted fun such as dancing. To top it all off, a host of clowns from the Ringling Brothers’ “clown-alley” will be present to amuse the audience with hilarious antics and jokes throughout the performance.

Fully Charged is scheduled to play in Dallas from August 1 – 12 at the American Airlines Center. Tickets can be bought from their website for anywhere between $5 to $115 depending on seating.