Reverse Litter campaign starts in North Texas

October 3, 2012 by  

This month, a campaign will been launched by the Tarrant Regional Water District and the City of Dallas to encourage the people of North Texas to dispose of rubbish responsibly. Lakes and creeks in North Texas are full of bottles, plastic bags, and other trash, causing pollution of waterways and problems for wildlife in the area.

‘Reverse Litter’ has received $1.1 million from the City of Dallas and £1.2 million from the Tarrant Regional Water District to launch the campaign, hoping to educate and encourage responsible disposal of litter. During May 2011, a huge amount of trash was washed up from the creek beds only to end up on the shoreline of Lake Ray Hubbard, close to Rowlett. Dallas cleared up the rubbish, although the litter had been washed down from Rowlett, Garland, and Plano. Problems of a similar nature have occurred in the reservoirs and creeks of Tarrant. Although volunteers help to clear the rubbish, this is not a permanent solution, hence the campaign. The efforts of local poster and flyer printing services will help to spread the word of the movement in Dallas and other local areas.

Linda Koop, from the Dallas City council, supports the campaign, stating that informing people of what happens when litter ends up in streams and waterways could help prevent irresponsible dumping of rubbish in the future. The campaign will be publicized on TV, local radio, billboards, and public areas to increase exposure to the information.