Railway museum move nears the end of the line

January 11, 2013 by  

The moving of the Museum of the American Railroad from its original home in Dallas, Texas to Frisco is almost complete. The move has taken 14 months while paperwork and logistics have delayed completion of the move, which was scheduled for 2012.

About half of the collection of rail cars have been moved, with the rest being transported in the next few months. Fair Park in Dallas, the original location of the museum, was closed in November 2011 so that the exhibits could be relocated to their new home.

Thanks to the large numbers of volunteers, the museum’s new location is opening on a gradual basis. Some of the educational programs have been continued, along with maintaining the collection of rail cars. The executive director of the non-profit museum, Bob LaPrelle, said that the work could not have been done without the help of volunteers.

Dick Thompson was one of the volunteers and spoke of his enjoyment of working on the rail cars, preparing them to be moved. Younger volunteers also help out, including Timothy McMillon, 17, who has been a volunteer at the museum for three years. The first tours of the new museum took place in December during the Polar Express Pajama Party.

Local flyer printing services may be utilized to inform rail enthusiasts and other interested parties of the new location and events which are scheduled at the museum. The Union Pacific Big Boy locomotive, the largest to be built, will be the last to be moved to the new location.