Printing goes green

March 12, 2012 by  

Hewlett-Packard recently developed a new “green” inkjet printer. The printer itself is constructed almost completely from recycled materials, and combined with recycled paper and their new Eco Highlights labels, which will give customers a better idea of available environmentally-friendly HP products and services, HP is helping pave the way for a new wave of green printing services.

With today’s growing awareness of carbon footprints and ecological impact, green printing is a quickly booming trend in the printing industry, with printing companies implementing everything from green business strategy to green technology to help preserve our planet.

For business owners, there are many easy ways to implement a green printing strategy. For instance, energy usage is one of the biggest eco-hazards for many businesses; the huge amount of heat required to fuse toner and paper consumes a lot of energy. Yet simply replacing printer and copier devices with Energy Star certified dual printer/copiers can easily save thousands per year in energy usage costs. Recycled ink, toner, and paper are also great eco-friendly products which, if implemented, will help reduce the amount of harmful toxins and chemicals polluting the soil. Plus, as society is ever more aware of the need to “Go Green,” implementing these products and services could potentially draw more business from environmentally conscious consumers.

Many printing companies have already begun to implement green printing strategy and technology, including a large number of businesses in the Dallas area. It may not be long before green printing is the norm, as more and more new products hit the market designed to save both the planet, and the wallet.