North Texas organizations to be helped by Dallas Morning News

November 21, 2012 by  

At an event to launch the 2012 campaign for Dallas Morning News charities this month, 23 organizations were named. These charities will receive help from Dallas Morning News, starting with $180,000 which has been collected since last year’s campaign and the launch of the new one. The charities aim to prevent hunger and homelessness in Dallas, and have been tirelessly campaigning since 1986.

Every year a campaign is launched, with all donations benefiting the organizations as Dallas Morning News pays administrative costs which occur when running charities. Over $23m has been raised for charities in the area, coming from over 44,000 people who have donated. Although last year the US experienced a difficult economy, the Dallas area still managed to raise over $1m. The campaign will aim to collect a similar figure again this year. The campaign was launched this year with $390,000, nearly half of which will be distributed immediately.

The charities’ administrator, Elise Longpree said that although there were many non-profits and donors in Dallas, the need for help is ongoing. According to data released by Dallas ISD numbers officials, 85 homeless teenagers have now undergone North Dallas High School enrolment. The chief executive and publisher of The News, Jim Moroney, thanked everyone involved in the agencies, reminding everyone of the continuing need in Dallas.

Stationery printers may become involved in the campaign, producing flyers and posters to publicize the campaign launched by the Dallas Morning News. Among the organizations helped are Arlington Life Shelter and Crossroads Community Services.