North Texas Giving Day breaks records

September 18, 2012 by  

The fourth annual North Texas Giving Day, held September 13, has broken records with donations of $14.4 million, which have been made to 900 nonprofit organizations. Thousands of people came forward to support the event, raising more money than in previous years. The event took place in Dallas, held at the Communities Foundation for the first year.

Over 37,000 people from the Dallas-Fort Worth location made a donation to the North Texas Giving Day, in addition to people from all the US states and 14 countries, cited in a Communities Foundation press release. Donations of $25 or over were matched by the foundation from the matching funds pool of $1 million.

The donations started at 7:00 am and had reached $4million within two hours. The day featured more than the donations, with animals from Dallas Zoo making an appearance and arts groups performing. There were 413 donations made by the Salvation Army of DFW Metroplex Command, raising over $500,000.

It was possible to donate online or make the donation in person on the day. The details of how and where to make a donation would no doubt have been included in promotional materials, perhaps prepared with the help of local flyer printing services. Those who want to know more about making donations to nonprofit organizations can visit the website for DonorBridge.

North Texas Giving Day was launched by the Communities Foundation, the Center for Nonprofit Management, and the Dallas Foundation. In 2011, the North Texas Giving Day raised $10.7 million.