Military veterans of Texas receive help to find employment

June 17, 2013 by  

A national program has been launched to help army veterans to find work when they return home from service.

The pilot program, the State of Texas Soldier Employment Initiative, has been introduced by the Texas Veterans Commission, together with the Texas Workforce Commission. Following a job fair held in Dallas at which 120 companies were present, local print companies may find themselves in high demand for their digital business cards .

Military veterans will be given support to find work before they actually leave service. With $750,000 funding from the U.S. Department of Labor, American veterans will be helped to locate employment in some of the fastest growing industries, including the technology, energy, and medical fields.

Four states are taking part in the pilot – Illinois, North Carolina, Georgia and Texas – all with large numbers of army veterans. According to the chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission, Andres Alcantar, there are 450,000 veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan war in Texas alone. Within three months of leaving the U.S. Army, soldiers of active duty will be targeted by the pilot. Employees of the State of Texas Soldier Employment Initiative are all war veterans.

The details of the returning soldiers will be entered onto a computer database, including information of experience, which will be translated into skills and can be easily comprehended by employers in the civilian community. Data will be shared by the two organizations with employers and the military to identify areas in which a need exists.