Military families to benefit from 10th Annual Sky Ball fundraiser

October 24, 2012 by  

US servicemen who served in Iraq will be among those who will benefit from the celebrations of the 10th Annual Sky Ball fundraising event. The annual fundraising event will be presented this year by Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, American Airlines, and Bell Helicopter.

The celebrations this year will also commemorate 100 years of Marine Aviation, honoring the marines and US soldiers who served in Iraq. North Texas military families, in addition to others across the US, will receive greater support, thanks to Airpower Foundation’s yearly Sky Ball event. A black tie gala dinner will be held at DFW Airport, American Airlines Hangar 5. Performances will be held by some of the greatest musical talent, while a concert is scheduled for the main event of the evening.

The chairman and CEO of American Airlines, Tom Horton, stated that the Sky Ball presented an opportunity to thank those who serve the US, also recognizing those who give their time to organize the event.

Sky Ball X will feature special guests, including recipients of the Medal of Honor, actor Greg Kinnear, and a retired military dog who was injured while serving in Afghanistan, named Lucca. The fundraising event will be promoted through the use of local media, possibly including the flyer printing services of local printers. Military vehicles, aircraft, and military hardware will all be on display, so that 300 children from local schools can tour and receive information from members of air crew.

The celebrations commence tomorrow, October 25, and finish with the grand finale on October 27.