Kodak Nexpress makes 3D tactile effects more cost-efficient

February 18, 2012 by  

The 2012 Dallas DFW Auto Show will be held from Wednesday, March 21 through Sunday, March 25 at the Dallas Convention Center. Representatives from 35 manufacturers, including Acura, Toyota, Ford, and Dodge, will be exhibiting at the show. With so many business representatives in attendance, the show will be a great opportunity for print companies specializing in business card printing , digital business cards , and other printing services.

Founded in 1982, the DFW Auto Show features half a million square feet of new cars, trucks and SUVs, and is a great place for consumers to compare style and pricing. The show will feature product introductions from some major manufacturers, including the new 2012 VW Beetle, the 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS, and the 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid. The show will also include a “Green” exhibit for environmentally-friendly products and services.

With the introduction of the Kodak Nexpress’ new three-dimensional ink, which can create tactile effects, samples of business cards and other marketing materials could really stand out.

In the past, three-dimensional effects could only be created by thermography, a process involving a special kind of ink and heating in an oven-like machine, completely separate from the printing process, which got both expensive and time-consuming, and was rarely used. Now, it can be done all in one step, making it much more cost-effective to create high-quality textures.

Tickets for the show are on sale now for a discounted price. Check out the Dallas Auto Show website for more information