Holidays push clients to Anger Room

October 24, 2012 by  

Holidays are one of the biggest causes of stress according to the owner of the Anger Room, Donna Alexander. Since the shop opened, the business has steadily grown, which Alexander believes may be due to problems with the US economy. Another factor in the booming business trade is the holiday period, which is coming up fast.

The idea behind the Anger Room is to provide a safe, controlled environment where people can let off steam without fear of losing their job, being arrested or scaring people. The Dallas-based business lets people spend time in a room set up as they wish and use a blunt instrument to smash it all up. During an interview with Businessweek at the end of September, Alexander stated that clients typically lasted around two to three minutes, although some may last up to 15 minutes. She added that if a client asked for 25 minutes and actually lasted the whole time, Alexander would suggest some form of therapy.

Custom from males and females is at about the same level and the age group tends to be 20 to 35. The Anger Room provides protective gear. According to an article in the Huffington Post, Dr David Reiss, a San Diego based psychiatrist, said:

“It’s potentially healthful at certain times, and some people do need physical exertion to get in touch with feelings, so it might be therapeutic. But if it’s not part of a real program with a goal, any effects are going to be brief.”

Although business is booming for the Anger Room, it may also benefit from local flyer printing services.