HeartGift comes to Dallas

January 8, 2014 by  

HeartGift Foundation, based in Austin, has opened its fifth and newest chapter here in Dallas.

The foundation provides disadvantaged children from developing countries with lifesaving heart surgery.

The nonprofit made its move into the Dallas area last year, but 2014 will be the first full year for the program here. In 2013, the newly formed Dallas chapter helped four patients and anticipates handling 12 cases each year from now on. The Dallas chapter works with Children’s and UT Southwestern and local pediatric cardiothoracic surgeons donate their time and skills to the cause. Each HeartGift chapter with its own board of directors raises money to help offset the cost to partnering hospitals.

Among recipients of charitable contributions those made to the HeartGift Foundation are among those that go the furthest. Due to the donation of medical services and reduced hospital charges, each dollar donated is able to provide $13 dollars worth of care. Ninety-eight percent of children survive their surgery. Typically the children spend a week in the hospital and remain in the country for a month. A host family is found for each child and their accompanying adult.

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