Eco-friendly car disposal company cleans up Dallas

June 26, 2012 by  

A car disposal company which recycles components safely has exceeded the business volume forecast for Dallas.

Cash for Cars Quick, based in California, has its focus heavily weighted on the environmentally friendly disposal of old and unwanted vehicles. In just under a month, the company says it disposed of more cars than they had forecast.

While not the first company to offer the owners of old vehicles cash for disposal, Cash for Cars Quick has invested resources in the education of car owners who may not previously have realized the dangers of disposing of a vehicle irresponsibly. In addition to disposing of old cars in a responsible way, using recycling technology where possible, the popularity of the company is perhaps largely due to the quick and straightforward method of getting rid of vehicles no longer required by their owner.

The company says it has made a significant investment in marketing techniques to raise awareness of the disposal service and educate people about pollution to the environment caused by irresponsible disposal of old cars. Poster printing, provided by a reputable company, may have been a significant feature in their marketing strategy. The company believes that the increase in business is due to their intense marketing efforts.

William Leonard, the CEO of Cash for Cars Quick, is encouraged by the large numbers of people approaching the disposal company, saying:

“Half the battle is won when the old car owners become aware of the necessity for proper disposal of the old cars. We are implementing lots of new strategies to let more people know how we can help them.”