Dallas veteran given a home by Defenders of Freedom

July 19, 2013 by  

A charity has given an ex-serviceman an incredible gift – a brand new home.

Curtis Zachary, a Dallas resident, was presented with the keys by the Defenders of Freedom. The non profit organization is building homes to give to war veterans who have been disabled or wounded, helping them to make the transition back to civilian life. Zachary and his family saw the new home for the first time only recently. The mortgage-free home is adorned with United States flags, a tribute to the war veteran who will be living there.

Zachary returned from the war in Iraq after being pronounced as 100-percent disabled. The Army Staff Sergeant expressed his gratitude to the organization, explaining that the family had been about to lose their home as they didn’t have money for rent. Defenders of Freedom helps veterans in various ways to settle back into civilian life, and for the disabled Army Staff Sergeant, the new house has provided a home for his family. Richard Lane, along with his team of contractors, suppliers and donors are looking forward to building more homes to be given to veterans, demonstrating their gratitude towards the men and women in the services.

There is already a new home on the same street as the first, ready to be given away. To continue with the valuable work the organization carries out, volunteers and donations are required. To publicize and promote the organization, the local brochure printers may be required to produce literature containing the details of their work.