Dallas Opera to appear at Cowboys Stadium

February 17, 2003 by  

The Cowboys Stadium will open its doors to Dallas Opera in April this year, to produce a simulcast of ‘Turnadot’ by Puccini.

The viewing will be shown live on the video board of the Cowboys Stadium. Although the stadium is a venue which caters almost exclusively to football in the autumn, it is available for other events during the rest of the year, kicking off with ‘Turnadot’.

The president of the Dallas Foundation, Mary Jalonick, spoke of her enjoyment of the previous year’s simulcast, Mozart’s ‘Magic Flute’, which attracted a crowd of over 15,000, as well as her anticipation of this year’s event. The owner of the Cowboys, Gene Jones, believes that the live simulcast is an effective way to reach out to new audiences, people who may not usually visit the Cowboys Stadium, or football fans who would not normally go and see the opera. Jones added that the reaction of the crowds last year indicated that the event was a success and hoped that this year would be the same.

To ensure that the event draws crowds, the organizers may want to utilize local flyer printing services to promote the live simulcast. To make the evening truly magical, there will be a live performance of ‘What’s Opera, Doc?’, a classic Bugs Bunny cartoon by Warner Brothers. The general director and CEO of Dallas Opera, Keith Cerny, hopes to bring the entertainment and artists to the audience at the Cowboys Stadium, attracting theater lovers and music fans from a wide area.

This year’s event will take place on April 13.