Dallas Museum of Art to honor President Kennedy

June 17, 2013 by  

Dallas Museum of Art is celebrating the people of Fort Worth with a commemoration of President John F Kennedy.

An event called ‘Hotel Texas: An Art Exhibition for the President and Mrs John F. Kennedy’ has been produced by collaboration between two museums based in Fort Worth and Dallas.

The exhibit replicates the hotel suite in which the Kennedys stayed on November 21, 1963. Out of 16 pieces of art which were exhibited as part of the suite, 13 have been restored in the exhibit. Suite 850 at the Fort Worth hotel in Texas was selected by the Secret Service, rather than more luxurious accommodation located on the top floor, as a security measure.

Residents of Fort Worth worked together to brighten up the hotel suite with sculptures and art work. A catalog has been produced to outline the exhibit, possibly put together with help from the local catalog printing services and other companies offering printed materials. Sam B. Cantey III and Ruth Carter Johnson worked quickly to take five pieces of art from museums on loan and the remainder from private collections.

Mrs. Kennedy was surprised and pleased by the gesture. Later that day, President Kennedy made one of his final calls to Ruth Johnson to thank her. To honor Ruth, who passed away before the opening of the exhibit, the original catalog has been dedicated to her memory. Photographs of the President’s visit that day are displayed at the exhibit.