Dallas ISD promised sufficient bus drivers for new school year

August 18, 2017 by  

On August 10, board members for Dallas Independent School District asked the Dallas County Schools (DCS), a local school bus company, if they had an adequate number of drivers to start the school year.

With only three weeks left before school starts, DCS admitted to a shortage of 132 drivers for Dallas ISD and a 240-driver shortage for supplying all seven of their districts. The company hopes to have the obligatory 95% of drivers, by the on-time mark of October. To do so they may have to pull out all the stops including engaging a flyer printing service.

Scott Peters, DCS’s representative assured Dustin Marshall, a Dallas ISD trustee, that it will meet the deadline. Moreover, DCS asserts open positions are rapidly being filled and if necessary, other members of staff are certified to drive and will be called upon.

Edwin Flores, a Dallas ISD trustee raised the question of bus driver termination and the effect it will have on driver availability. It was reported by NBC 5 Investigates the day before that the company had recently terminated the employment of 13 school bus drivers for running past stop signs or red lights.

The Dallas ISD board has decided to use the rarely employed option of allowing teachers to apply to drive buses, but this will take time to implement because they will first have to be trained to do so.