Dallas initiatives lead the way for recycling

August 31, 2012 by  

It has been announced this month that the privately-owned waste management company Community Waste Disposal – a giant player in the Dallas area – is set to put more natural gas collection vehicles into operation. A further five vehicles, the company says, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a quarter.

Dallas is becoming an increasingly environmentally-conscious city and is among the US cities that are encouraging local businesses to recycle waste, as was highlighted in Pegasus News this month. The manager for waste diversion in Dallas, Sheila Overton, has noticed that a lot of companies want to recycle but are not sure how and where. Dallas does not provide a recycling collection from the curbside but does have more than 130 locations where residents and businesses can take waste for recycling.

A pilot program has been launched in Dallas which offers recycling on a weekly basis at two developments. One of them, Cityville, joined the scheme in November 2011 and collections there have increased from once to twice weekly. The supervisor for the Cityville development, Rosanne McAdam stated that another multi-use development was nearing completion and would join the program in January next year. More developments are planned and it is hoped that other businesses will take the lead from these.

A commercial sustainability co-ordinator for Arlington, Tim Yatko, believes that commercial recycling is inevitable as landfill sites fill up. He further added that, eventually, businesses would have to pay more to take their waste elsewhere, which would create greater incentive for enforced waste recycling. It is possible that the flyer printing services of a local printing company could help to promote the benefits of commercial waste recycling and identify who to approach for support and advice.