Dallas Foundation Simulcast a Contender for World Record

April 22, 2012 by  

A joint effort between The Dallas Opera and the Cowboys Stadium could be on target for breaking a world record. The Dallas Foundation is presenting a one night only event, during which The Dallas Opera will perform The Magic Flute by Mozart at the Cowboys Stadium, which takes pride of place in Arlington, Texas. The Dallas Opera Cowboys Stadium Simulcast has already received requests for over 30,500 tickets for the April 28 performance.

The documented attendance for an opera performed in a sports venue is 32,000 in September 2010, held in San Francisco’s AT&T Park. The ticket requests have been received from opera fans throughout the whole of Texas, not just Dallas and even from opera lovers in 26 other states. The simulcast may achieve the best attendance for an opera performance in the history of the US.

Data was collated from people who had requested tickets for the performance, revealing that 81 percent of them had never made a purchase from The Dallas Opera previously, and this event will be their first opera performance. Very often, promoters use the services of a local printing company to undertake flyer printing so that an event will receive publicity.

The performance will commence at 7.30pm at the home of the Dallas Cowboys. Above the playing field, there will be four huge viewing screens, the largest of which is 72 feet high and has a width of 160 feet. There are still some tickets available, but are expected to be snapped up very shortly.