Dallas Farmers Market getting new logo and timetable

February 26, 2014 by  

Last Thursday, the new logo for the Dallas Farmers Market was unveiled at the market’s administrative building.

The artist who developed the logo, Dan Rizzie, is the designated “art director” for the downtown market and will have a hand in every aspect of the interior décor, including artwork displayed and the overall color scheme.

Farmers markets are ideal for drawing shoppers to an area and often more than one banner printing is ordered to serve as directional guides to the market, as well as for advertising. With its $64m makeover, the market will no doubt want to advertise even more to bring in new shoppers.

The transformation is expected to take place sooner than earlier anticipated; the city has reversed its original directive that required a huge storm sewer to be torn out and replaced.

The project is now slated to begin in March. The renovations will start with Shed 1, which is anticipated to take 90 days. That shed is used by local farmers who will temporarily be housed in Shed 3.

The work continues in May with Shed 2 closing for its makeover. Shed 2, dominated by Pecan Lodge, is where the food court has been housed. Some of Shed 2’s tenants will temporarily resume operation in Shed 1 once it has been renovated. Shed 2 is expected to be finished with its makeover in October.