Dallas Cowboys volunteer to help fill food bags for hungry children

January 15, 2013 by  

Nine of the Dallas Cowboys volunteered their time recently, to help the North Texas Food Bank which operates the Food 4 Kids program.

Over 11,000 children in North Texas are on the school program, which offers reduced price and free school meals. When school meals are not available at the weekend, hunger is a problem for those children, which is why Food 4 Kids provides bags of food for the weekend. The Food 4 Kids program is just one of the organizations supported by Dallas Morning News Charities.

The program is now running at 330 elementary schools where children aged 3 – 12 years old will receive child-friendly food which is placed in their backpacks on a Friday. The coordinator for Food 4 Kids, Taylor Hanna, says that although it is not possible to stop child hunger or make the problem disappear, food can be provided for the weekend. During the summer, meals are provided at Kids Cafe locations and at summer schools in and near to the Dallas area. A bag of food weighing around four pounds will cost about $5 and contains items like fruit, granola bars, and trail mix.

The Dallas Cowboys enjoyed giving back to the community, with members of the team realizing how good their own lives are. Local flyer printing services may be used to attract more volunteers and donations, which will be given to the children. A counselor at Rowlett Elementary, Maria Trujillo, said that the look on the children’s faces when they receive food makes it all worthwhile.