Dallas couple gives $1.5 million to School of Architecture

September 9, 2012 by  

The School of Architecture, which is part of the University of Texas at Arlington, has received $1.5m from Dallas couple Ralph and Susan Hawkins. Ralph Hawkins was a student at the University of Texas at Arlington, gaining his Bachelor of Science in architecture.

The gift will be used in various ways to benefit the university, with some being used to create a strategy for the future of the school. Some of the money has been invested and doubled in the Maverick Match program of the university, offering royalties from natural gas to encourage investment. The Maverick Match program may be promoted using the services of local brochure printers to outline the benefits of investment.

Ralph Hawkins is CEO and chairman of HKS Inc., which has been involved in the building of sports venues around the world, designing the College Park Center at the University of Texas at Arlington. The center has been recognized for sustainability, using recycled materials, and natural light. The company, which has 900 employees, was presented with 12 awards by the American Institute of Architects.

According to the dean of the School of Architecture, Donald F. Gatzke, the UTA program and reputation is distinguished with the support of people like Ralph Hawkins. Research will be funded with part of the donation, focusing on sustainability. According to Hawkins, sustainability is crucial as buildings use more energy than the whole of the combined travel. He stated that he would like future generations to benefit from the University in the same way as he did.