Dallas council tackles baggy pants

June 17, 2012 by  

Dwaine Caraway, a councilor in Dallas, Texas is renewing his efforts to tackle the issue of men wearing sagging pants. The councilor first tackled this issue a number of years ago, attracting the attention of the nation in the process. Just one of the responses which was not so positive was from President Barack Obama, who felt that council leaders should be dealing with more important concerns.

However, Caraway responded to the President’s comments by pointing out that his family do not use the DART bus service or use the local shops and therefore do not face the issue on a regular basis. Caraway recently announced his campaign, together with city leaders and members of the city council who are giving their support. During the campaign, it is possible that flyer printing services or poster printing will be utilized from the local printers to provide publicity.

Among the arguments in favor of stopping men wearing baggy pants is possibly disrespect it shows to females and the health risks in food stores and on bus seats. A number of Dallas men have countered that wearing pants low on their hips is harmless and provides a style statement. Caraway will ask DART to take a similar approach to Fort Worth’s “The T,” which prevents anyone who is displaying their underwear from boarding the bus. Stores who are willing to prevent men wearing sagging pants from entering their store will be given signs to display. “Sagging Summit” will take place on June 23 with Deion Sanders, the former Dallas Cowboy, in attendance.