Dallas company builds ‘Anger Room’ for stressed customers

May 11, 2012 by  

The ‘Anger Room’, which is based in Dallas, Texas, is just the place for anyone who is stressed or angry and wants to vent their frustration. The company provides a safe environment for customers who need to relieve stress by smashing up things, which are set up in a space designed to look like a living room, workplace, or other environment. The Anger Room creates rooms that are filled with furniture, televisions, plants, fax machines, and a variety of other furnishings so that paying customers can spend time destroying everything.

Donna Alexander initially had the idea when she was just 16 years old, but opened her first Anger Room in her garage in 2008. However, as strangers were turning up at her home, Donna had to find a commercial property. Although many landlords were reluctant to have the destruction, eventually she discovered premises in a strip mall in Dallas. Following an advertizing campaign, both offline and online, customers began to flock to the Anger Room. Presumably, a poster printing of somebody demolishing household items must have stood out among the billboards on the high street.

Customers must sign a waiver and wear safety gear before choosing music. The sessions range from five minutes to 25 minutes, although Donna does admit not many people would last a full 25 minutes. She also stresses that the business isn’t intended to replace mental health treatment, just to give normal everyday people the chance to blow off steam in a safe and controlled environment.