Dallas commemorates 50 years after JFK

November 18, 2013 by  

Groups from around Dallas will be joining together on November 22 to commemorate 50 years passing since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. At 12:30 pm, a minute’s silence will be observed in honor of the president.

The ceremony will be held in Dealey Plaza, the area in which the President’s motorcade was moving through at the time. David McCullough, an award winning historian, will read from some of Kennedy’s speeches, while a ceremonial flyover will take place.

To honor Kennedy’s military service, the U.S. Naval Academy Men’s Glee Club will give a performance. The chairwoman of the committee that organized the day’s events, Ruth Altshuler, was at the scene fifty years ago when the President was assassinated. She expects the day to be highly emotional.

Events have been taking place in Dallas throughout November, all commemorating the anniversary. The Old Red Museum, which is close to Dealey Plaza, displayed an exhibit of how Mayor J. Erik Jonsson helped with the recovery of the city following the President’s death. Concerts will be held, including a piece specially commissioned for the event called ‘The World is Very Different Now’.

During the months leading up to November and the 50th anniversary, organizers have been promoting the various events taking place, possibly using local banner printing services. Following the assassination of the President, Lee Harvey Oswald tried to hide in the Texas Theater. The movie being shown that night will be aired again during the 50th anniversary celebrations.