Dallas children’s hospital benefits from radio station

November 18, 2012 by  

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has made it possible for the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas Texas to have its own radio station, similar to others in Philadelphia and Atlanta. Children of all ages at the hospital will be entertained and have opportunities to become involved in the new Seacrest Studios radio station.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation was launched several years ago when Seacrest was visiting children in hospital. The radio and TV host realized that the children were bored and needed something to take their minds off the other stuff going on in their lives. The first live broadcast took place just recently, with Seacrest talking to the singer and actress Selena Gomez. The young star wanted to be a part of the project and was happy to use her platform to raise awareness. Gomez visited the other Seacrest Studios and asked the foundation to build this one near to her home town.

During an interview, Seacrest stated that the hospital had excellent care facilities but the new radio station will provide distraction for the children. The network has been named ‘The Red Balloon Network’ and will be broadcast into the rooms of patients and all through the hospital, so no-one is left out of the action. Patients can call in with requests as students from the local colleges will help support the station. In addition to using the hospital radio station to promote the new network, local poster printing services will help to raise awareness and possibly enlist more volunteers.