Dallas cheerleaders to visit Cheer Texas

June 8, 2012 by  

Members of the iconic Dallas cheerleading team are to visit Amarillo’s Cheer Texas group to provide some tuition and pass on a few hints and tips to aspiring cheer leaders. The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are widely acknowledged as the very best and will be spending an afternoon with Cheer Texas to offer their expertise and knowledge.

The cheerleaders will arrive in Amarillo on June 16 with a meet and greet session to take place before and after the afternoon cheerleading session. According to the owner of Cheer Texas, Jeb Harris the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad are the very best and will be able to offer some valuable insight for his cheerleaders. During the afternoon workshop, the kids will learn how to perform the entrance dance which takes place at each home game of the Dallas Cowboys. They will also learn a side line dance in addition to learning how to be a cheerleader and peer in front of large crowds.

The event is open to anyone aged six years and up, and is sure to be popular. Flyer and poster printing will advertize the opportunity although the afternoon event is sure to be sold out. Of the 35 Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, around eight will be visiting Amarillo stirring up huge amounts of excitement from youngsters who are looking forward to learning from their icons. Abby Ellington, aged 16, said that she admires the squad and what they represent. The teen added that the cheerleaders are always involved in their routines which are energetic and well choreographed.